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Before you submit items you must comply to few rules and recommendations. Submissions that don't will not be validated.
  1. Every submissions must contain building instructions: Zipped LDD generated HTML or PDF. You are free to provide or not the .LXF file.
  2. Every submissions must contain a descriptive image of the full model (LDD/POV-Ray screenshots prefered: We offer a free LDD2POVRay conversion service. Please use it).
  3. As long as LDD provides the Bricks count, you are kindly requested to fill that value into the form too.
  4. We encourage you (not a requirement) to subscribe for a free account at AdFly site so you can fill in your AdFly API key and earn revenues from your submissions downloads.
  5. We are free to reject and delete a submission if it doesn't comply to the rules or if it doesn't match the usual Lego audience.
  6. You are free to edit an added model or remove it at anytime.
  7. Flickr: If you want your model to be promoted on our Flickr , feel free to add a comment on the Flickr picture mentioning Flickr groups you'd like the pic to be posted in. We'll add the picture to those groups in your name and remove the comment when done. You can also mention if you want your Flickr user to be added to the Flickr Picture.
  8. Promoting your submissions on other sites, forums , social networks, gives great results. You should do it :) . and are a good start!


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