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This is the final revision of one of my all-time favourite spaceships, the B-Wing star fighter from Star Wars. With its rotating cockpit the B-Wing was one of the few fantasy craft of its time where the artist actually sat down and thought about how this thing might fly through space. It’s a silly, impractical design with no real basis in reality, but a design with some thought nevertheless. As part of its Collector's Edition range Lego released a substantial Lego B-wing model. Alas, this kit was retired some time ago and most of the recent Lego offerings lack the same impressive detail. The build had to overcome two main challenges: how to make the model symmetrical; how to connect the three main sections (wing, engine and cockpit) together. The latter was achieved easily with a little trial and error. The former required some creative thinking and a bit of googling. There are a number of great fan-made models out there and it would be remiss of me to suggest that everything presented here is totally original (there is some convergent evolution but I will let the reader judge). Stats: Weighing in at about 300g it is 36cm in length and contains about 600 pieces. Weaknesses: The engine cowling is not secured as well as I would have liked and the engine exhausts are only held on by a single pin. Sadly the model is fractionally too small to fit a minifig and the design did not allow for the B-Wings's trademark rotating cockpit. Mods: Im ashamed to say that I needed to trim the axel nub from two turntable plates used to secure the cockpit supports. Lego digital designer let me down here when it let me place the pieces without detecting the collision. The cockpit design was achieved using masking tape and car plastic spray-primer - worked quite well I think. Playability: It can be picked up and swooshed around the living room. Three seconds with a five-year-old however, resulted in complete disassembly so would suggest this is for display only! More Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27778206@N03/albums/72157676119304283
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