ATM-09-ST Scopedog

Original Lego Creation by independent designer

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During the Hundred Years War between the Gilgamesh Confederation and the Balarant Union, military technology takes great leaps forward with the introduction of humanoid "machine troopers" and later "armored troopers" (code named VOTOM: Vertical One-man Tank for Offense and Maneuvers). However, the creation of the ATM-09-ST Scopedog in Astragius Year 7198 marks the turning point in the war. With its compact design, the Scopedog is suitable for various combat environments, including space, terrestrial battlefields and urban environments. The Scopedog is highly maneuverable thanks to gliding foils installed in the feet that allow it to roll on the ground. Muscle cylinders powering the limbs allow the Scopedog to perform human-like movements. The Scopedog also features a camera lens turret that links directly to the pilot's goggles. In addition, the Scopedog can load cartridges for its standard hydraulic-powered arm punch. As part of its design, the base Scopedog can be outfitted with several pieces of optional equipment and weapons. The Roundmover pack provides space mobility, and the Parachute Mission Pack allows the Scopedog to be air dropped by an AT carrier. The Scopedog is commonly armed with a heavy machine gun/grenade launcher, but it can also carry optional weapons that include bazookas, Gatling guns and rocket launchers. Although a cease fire is announced in 7213, the mass produced Scopedog remains the mainline unit of the Melkian forces. Many units fall into civilian hands for use in the the arena combat game Battling. In addition, many variations are created for military and civilian use.

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