Raptor Mark III

Original Lego Creation by independent designer

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"Raptor, a kind of bird that preys on its enemy with speed and attack its enemy with its claws and beak. This helicopter is based on it. Equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, armor and avionics, it is capable of hunt and kill its prey. No matter what." -Unknown Euro-Russo Coalition Soldier. Raptor Mk III is the main assault helicopter of the Euro-Russo Coalition. Raptor Mk III is designed to compete with V-35 Vulture and TZ-56. Different from other helicopters, it use wing-rotor based from the once-abandoned prototype from Sikorsky S-72 'X-Wing' for the main rotor. This configuration, along with the modified Iridine A-17 Turbofan engine and low-drag fuselage allows the Raptor Mk III to achieve top speed of 1253 kmph, significantly higher than its competitor. The fuselage is layered with 'schild' aircraft alloy that makes it able to survive direct hit of 20mm. For the weapons, it carries Rheinmetall GK-30mm hidden inside the front fuselage. It also has two heavy hardpoint that able to attach variety of missiles and rockets. Being an assault chopper, Raptor Mk III can carry 8 well equipped special forces soldier sitting down and 2-4 others standing or 12 soldier in standard gear sitting down and 6 others standing. For cargo, it can carry 23.000kg worth of cargo externally. Its main drawbacks are the small internal space and few hardpoint (although a hardpoint splitter can be attached to carry more weapons) Model features: -Sliding side door -Fits 10-12 minifigures inside. 2 pilots and 10 passanger -Hardpoint to attach weapons -Rotating rotor blades -Deployable landing gear -Weapon mount for custom weapon -(Should be. I hope it really is :-p ) easily detachable roof.
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