HAFX-8A2 Heavy Assault Fighter "Daedalus"

Original Lego Creation by independent designer

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HAFX-8 Heavy Assault Fighter is the newest assault fighter from Terran-Vakrian Coalition. Being the newest fighter, it is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry such as Thanatos Anti-ship railgun, Hydra Multi-target missile and some free slot for bombs or other ordnance. Despite all that heavy weaponry, it is also equipped with 40mm cannon and 25mm hyper-velocity cannon for dogfight or eliminating light target. All of the heavy armament aren't complete without a good protection. It is armored with Tridium alloy, a new type of alloy that is 35% stronger than the Critek alloy. This alloy is capable of shrugging the standard hyper-velocity 30mm projectile on the main body and equipped with Akariv glass on the cockpit. Despite that, this fighter is somewhat considerably slower than the old Phantomhawk, which is heavier yet has faster top speed and acceleration than the Daedalus.
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