The Bucephalus

Original Lego Creation by independent designer

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Planetary Resources Mining Rig, "The Bucephalus". Equipped with 4 heavy industrial mining lasers, mining drone bay and service bay. This is one of the four "War Horses" of the PR asteroid mining flottila. Often used as command ships in larger mining operations. PR is specialized in asteroid mining and the "War Horses" are the most efficient mining ships ever produced. The four heavy mining lasers slowly vapourize the asteroid and the gas is collected with tractor beams forming a tunnel around the laser beam. 20 medium size mining drones disperse of nearby smaller asteroids and debris. Gas and ore from the mining operation are compressed and stored in containers around the ship's hull. These are collected by smaller support craft and transport ships, carrying resources to and from nearby space stations. Most damage done to drones, support craft and other ships can be handled in the service bay. -------------------------------------------------- This SHIP is 108 studs long (with antennae). It's built from approx. 3800 pieces and weighs around 3 kg This MOC was built during september, however, I started planning this a year ago. First I built the ship in LDD. Then a lot of BL orders and a LugBulk later I started building. I now know a lot about building in this scale that I did not know when I started building this in LDD. Some connections are very unstable. But, on the other hand, I don't think I would have been able to build this had I not built it in LDD first. My idea for this ship from the start was "LEGO City Miners go to space" i.e. a civilian large scale space craft for mining in space. Trying to use the same colors and some of the parts from the LEGO City Mining series from 2012. Credits to Daniel Graffenberger for my inspiration.

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