DRAKHEART02 - Dragon Heart

Original Lego Creation by independent designer

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Drakhart02 is the legendary ship used by Baron Nakamoto Satoshi to escape the Bydo empire back in 2951. This ship might look arkaik now but in those dark times it was a true piece of technology. It had been built by the Hashimitsu corporation and the Earthan concilium for the only purpose of that tricky escape. It has ben remotely sent, in furtive mode, to the Krohrdak system from the Kheops capitol. Got close enough to the Penitencial (where Nakamoto was captive) to infect the Bydo System with various softwares and mental parasites. Nakamoto could then allow Drakhart to land and then escape. It went fast enough to leave the Bydo fleet behind and could accelerate to the point of Cardon allowing to break the High Gravitational Gate and reach the nordan part cardan of the Galaxy. It still took 48 earthan years to reach the Communition. Drakhar was equiped with a quite efficient hibernative serializer and drove the Barron safely to its historical fate.
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