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1. Content Property
Users submitted LDD files can be edited and deleted by submitter at any time.
Site admin can also edit or delete a submission if not fullfilling the Repubrick.com quality requirements mentioned before the submit form.
Submitted content visuals can be, if chosen by the submitter, promoted on other repubrick.com social network such as Repubrick.com pool at Flickr, Facebook page or Pinterest.
Submitted content (files and building instructions) will not be added to any other site or media.

2. Membership
Users are free to join, for free (like free beer). Users are free (like freedom and free beer)  to leave and delete own submitted content files and account at any time.

3. Advertising
Users submitted files and building instructions are made available to other users via the ADFLY url shortener ads service.
100% Adfly ads Revenues go to model designer and file submitter.
This allows designers to earn little money while still sharing their files for free.

4. Abuse
If you think someone is using your creation, contact us 
We'll investigate and eventualy remove the concerned content.
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