RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great way to keep contact with They allow you to retrieve site content and its updates and to consult or display these using a RSS reader application or on your site/blog etc... Here are the various RSS feeds you can access:

 Your personnal community activities (Friends and followed, groups etc... ) RSS feed
  Your latest Building Guides additions RSS feed
(You must be connected to see your personnal link url here)
Also you can heve this filtered by model categories or themes visiting the category pages
  Any tag or tag combination RSS feed
This URL is for the latest models aded with "spaceship" tag added (latest word of the URL). You can have it for any existing tag and also combination of multiple tags. (red,spaceship would list latest medels tagged with red and spaceship).

 Latest forum posts RSS feed
It is also possible to filter this feed by categories. 

 Latest Building Guides downloads RSS Feed

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