Designer Interview: Matt_One

This month, thank you matt_one , a very original digital Lego designer, for answering our questions !

Rep: How old are you ?    
Matt_one: I'm 49 years old ( born 1966 ).I'm an EFOL ( Elder Fan of Lego ).
Rep: Where do/did you live ?
Matt_one: I live in Lecco, Italy.
Rep: Current job or studies ?
Matt_one: I'm a freelance CAD designer.
Rep: When did you receive your first Lego set ? What set ?
Matt_one: Who knows? We're talking about 45 years ago...
Rep: Fav Lego theme(s) ? why ?
Matt_one: None in particular. Of course I like Sci-Fi stuff.
Rep: Any Children ? Are you building with them ?
Matt_one: I have two sons. The first one, a 5 years old boy, has started to play with Lego bricks two years ago.
He own some Hero Factory's characters, some Mixels, a 3 in 1 creator set ( Thunder Wings ).
The second one, a 2 years old little girl, try to eat Lego bricks...
Rep: Are you part of a LUG or related association group ?
Matt_one: No.
Rep: What are your Favourite books or comics
Matt_one: I like to read books, my favourite writers are John Grisham and Michael Crichton.
Recent books read are "The Martian" by Andy Weir and "Wool" by Hugh Howey, both good books I suggest to read.
Rep: What are your favorite movies and drama series (All time fav and recent likes ?)
Matt_one: Alien, Jurassic Park and Pulp Fiction are my favourite movies. I like very much 3d animation movies ( Despicable Me is my favourite ).
No time now to follow TV series, 'Lost' was the last...
Rep: From your builds we can see you are almost exclusively into mechas and gundam ? When and how did you fall in love with this concept ?
Matt_one: I fell in love with all japanese mechas in the late '70, expecially when I saw Gundam for the first time in 1980.
Rep: If we focus on that crazy Madgun Tyger, could you describe the way you reach such result ?
I mean technically, from inspiration to structural design and details.
Matt_one:Usually, I start with head design. 
Sometimes I find inspiration playing with real bricks while I'm playing with my son
( 3 of my Gundam Chroma family's head were born in this way ).
Many times I find inspiration from particular bricks in LDD library. I have a lot of heads design never used or discarded.
I very often find myself looking to those heads too much, then I don't like them anymore.
Madgun Tyger's head took the same risk and I wouldn't say that's a nice head when I look at it now.
Simply, I stopped looking at it and I went ahead with the body.
I don't have any rule or method when it comes to body design, all comes out on the spur of the moment and
by how bricks can stick together, although with only one or two miserable studs...
For this reason I wouldn't talk about structural design : I'm focused to shape design only, trying to get nice shapes.
I have little time to spend on Lego digital mecha design and since I do it mostly at night I try to get the fast result
in less time. This is not the better way to achieve model's structural strenght.
I would define my designs as concept design only, with the aim to get nice renders as final result.
I would not recommend anyone to build them.
Rep: How did you come to LDD software ? 
Matt_one: My wife discovered it in September 2013 and installed it thinking it was easy to use for a 3 years age kid.
I started to play with LDD and fell in love. A month later my first Gundam RX-013 Nova was born....
Rep: Do you use any additional software for rendering your LDD models POV-Ray or others ?
Matt_one: I'm using Simlab Composer for my renders now, after initially used POV-Ray.
Rep: Any scoop on current WIP or future projects / models ?
Matt_one: I'm working on 3 projects: one small mecha and two large mechas, bigger than those I've done so far.

Rep: Influences, mentors etc...
Matt_one: I try to make my digital designs original as much as possible.
Of course I like many other people's work, simply they are too many to mention all.
I saw many outstanding works, made with LDD or real bricks, and many of them are true masterpieces.
I'm not only talking about mechas. Some people are making true art with bricks.
Greetings to all those people who read this interview, to all members of Repubrick and to the many friends met on Flickr!

Rep: Thank you very much for your time, keep up the good work !
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