How it works is a community site for Lego™ bricks lovers where members share original models building instructions and building guides.
If the site indexes most Lego™ official sets and building instructions as PDF files, focus is set on members original creations contributions.

We higly recommend our talented members to express their creativity and experience creating original Lego™ models using the official free software: LDD (Lego Digital Designer) .

Not only this piece of software is fun, easy and intuitive,
but it can automaticaly generate building instructions guides for every creations.

Users can join community as Lego Designers to share their own creations (MOC) building instructions. They can take advantage of a prowerfull web platform to build their own catalogue, showing off their models and tracking their followers, downloads etc... but also earn revenues from their submisions downloads as integrates the AdFly Ads sevice.

Our Advertising Partner AdFly is responsible for displaying a 5 sec ads, before devlivering the downloaded building instructions files. We recommend our designers to  register an AdFly account for free to be able to earn revenues from each download.

Once registered, get your API Key and UID as described below and fill these data into your profile settings.

AdFly API key and UIDAdfly API key & UID from . You're now ready to get revenues !

At last, you got it, Repubrick has all the advanced features a true social network platform requires: groups, events, friends, followers etc... (Don't wait to follow your favourite Designers) !

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can register at ?
Registration is free for every Lego™ fans (since being 13 years old).

2. How can I share building guides ?
The best way to generate building instructions is to use the dedicated feature from the LDD software (Building guide generator). Consequently, you can submit your Building guides of the following formats:
  • .zip: building guide archive (fichier HTML file + dossier images folder), the easiest option
  • .pdf: convert the HTML guide to PDF: best readability for builders.
3. How to earn money ?
Very easily! When your submitted building instructions are downloaded, a 5 seconds advert is displayed befor the download starts. It's possible for each designer to earn from these adverts directly. is not even taking a comission.
  1. Register a free Adfly account from this link: Register a free Adfly account
  2. Fill in your AdFly API key and UID into your user account.
4. Can I delete my account ?
Yes, at any time. Deleting your account will not delete your models. Delete your models first if you want these to be deleted too.
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